Date: May 2019     Duration: 3 weeks
Skills: User Research, Interaction Design, Testing, Design Sprints, Design System, UI Design

Team: 12 people formed the product team. Front end and backend enginners, BA, QA, Project Manager and I was the lead designer.
Software: Slack, Trello, Lucidchart, Github, Hotjar, Invision, Sketch, Creative Suite
Bonsai is a hierarchy management tool to search, view and adjust employee data coming from Active Directory. Is another web App from Fingertips platform.
My Role
As a lead designer working together with a team of developers, directors, and project managers. I designed the UI, visual design, responsive web design. Ensuring that the UX patterns were following a common behavior among other apps. Also ensuring the visual language was connected to other apps and Fingertips - ecosystem, on brand with Vodafone.
As part as a long term project, there was the need to connect the visual language of all the apps that belong to Fingertips.
The first versions, were implemented by developers, and the visual and brand language wasn’t taken into account, so there was a lack of connection and consistency among Apps.
Create a visual language, components and prepare the final designs adapted to Desktop, Tablet and Mobile. 
Starting from wireframes, I created the UI components which will be part of the Fingertips design system.
From the branding perspective, illustrations were created to enhance the experience.
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