Date: Jan 2016    Duration: 6 weeks
Skills: User Research, Interaction Design, Testing, Design workshops, Design System, UI Design

Team: 8 people formed the product team. Front end and backend enginners, BA, QA, Project Manager and I was the lead designer.
Software:  Balsamiq, Invision, Sketch, Creative Suite

The problem
The research suggests that there is real need for a new and improved way. We could conclude that the main problem that they en-countered is the inability to find data about international companies in the same system. 
Main goal of the project
Redesign a platform that centralises UK Public limited - Publicly Quoted, Uk Non Limited, International and Global companies financial information.
The platform should provide the same functionalities as the UK system. Key features:
• Language localisation and currencies.• Consistency through the UI and language.
• Updated user interface design.• Dashboard.
• Search improvements.• Watchlist improvements • Web responsive
Working for Tellonline as a UX consultant, I conducted a User Research in order to find some insights about main users.
- Interviews and Survey
- Personas
Design and Testing
Main goals of the project
- Provide to Company Watch with a clear, intuitive, user-friendly interface.- It will offer functionality that both systems have now.

- Easy to navigate, main information able to scan at a glance an above the folder.- Consistency in the terminology and meaningful.

- Offer a look and feel fresh, modern, sleek according to the visual identity of CompanyWatch.

- Take into account language localization.- Evolution from being a desktop then a website, in the near future an app.
UI Designs
Once the user journey and interactions were validated, we knew the pieces that needed to be design and build. UI design was applied to wireframes, making sure that the guidelines were followed. Also creating new UI element for this new experience.
Conclusion and Results
After straight away from implementation, customer feedback was really positive. The Retention pages increased more than 15%.  
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